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The Naked Truth

He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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 Posted: Jun 16 2015, 04:59 PM
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The Queen from This story
❝Rapunzel tells us one thing about love. Climbing the highest tower is less difficult if someone at the end gives you the reason to hold on.

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• We are an 18+ intermediate site. We do not accept underage members and do expect maturity here as there is mature content on the board. We are not a fade to black community. We are 3-3-3.

• You may register an OOC account to sublink your accounts to. This OOC account will be just your writing alias, like Weezie.

• When a new member is joining the site they are allowed three characters right out of the gate, but will not be allowed a fourth until they have five legitimate threads posted between the three they have. This does not include the app, plot page, or any game posts.

• When choosing your character this is some information you may need: Want ads are always appreciated, and canons can always be filled.

• When registering please use your characters first and last name in correct capitalization. For example Irish Sullivan. If your character does not have a first & last name, as Wonderland, Merfolk and rare species such as dragons, unicorns, etc, characters don't have a last name, a simple Morpheus will be accepted as well. If by some chance you register with improper capitalization or something other than this, please contact an admin.

• As far as swapping a face claim, we will accept that in the event you present us a similar face, keeping with the same ethnicity. There are no guarantees we will approve it, but we are usually flexible.


• Our apps are now a part of your member profile. To work on your app go to my controls -> edit profile info, and then fill in all of the fields that read APP. Anything not marked APP is either for the mini profile, or unnecessary.

• Once your app is all filled out please post to THIS thread.

• Your app will then be reviewed by a member of the staff, and you will receive a PM shortly after informing you if your app is accepted, pended, or denied.

• If you wish to reserve a character post to the thread, you'll have one week, and a total of two weeks as a second reservation will be allowed. If you Do not reserve a character this does not mean we will hold a character for you, it is otherwise a first come first serve process, keep that in mind.

• Also for applications, we expect histories to be a minimum of 500 words.

• No stealing your app or anything else from anyone. Plagiarism is not smiled upon and if we find out you have done so you will be banned from this site, and all other sites we make. It's only fair, do your own work.


• After being accepted you must, must post to the CLAIMS, as well as post your plotter, and get up some graphics.

• Since we do not fade to black, please label your threads appropriately. A V=Violence, M=Mature will do just fine.

• Our minimum word count is 300, be mindful of that. Remember this is an intermediate site.

• One of the biggest rules here is respect. Respect for other members, respect for the staff, and respect for yourself. If we catch you disrespecting, abusing, or harassing anyone, there will be a single warning, and the next time you will be banned from the site. This will not be tolerated.

• Activity. Members who only have one character are expected to post at least once a week, those with multiple once every two weeks.

• Absences. Everyone has them. It's important to post absent notices though to ensure you don't lose all your stuff during the next check, or due to inactivity. We are lenient, however, we do have a period of time that is allowed. Four months for originals and one month for canon or want ads. Extended leaves of absence; any character that is a want ad or canon will be allowed one month of absence, once the month is up the character(s) in question will return to canon list or want ads. This is so plots are not held up.


• No nudity in graphics, please.

• If you're not skilled with graphics and you need someone to make something for you request it in the graphic forum down where the games and stuff are.

• Avatars are required to be 250px by 400px, and MUST be this size. An admin will either provide you with a new avatar or delete your old one.

• Likewise, app images are required to be 800px by 300px, the same rules apply here.

• The gif size is 190px by 100px.


• So on a general basis, don't be rude. If we catch you being rude you will get a warning, and then on the next offense you will be blocked, and banned.

• Also, we understand life can be hard sometimes and everyone has the right to vent, but please no overly dark discussions or consistent depression/suicide/self harm talk. If you feel like you need help or someone to talk to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or reach out via their chat by click THIS LINK.

• Our in character c-box is open to anyone with ten legitimate posts or more showing that they have some staying power on the board. Please do not use the c-box if you don't have more than that. if you do, it will be taken away.

• Please remember that the in character c-box is not a replacement for posting and a lot of activity there will not be considered over all activity on the board. Also, please refrain from posting with characters in there that you are not active with on the board itself.

• The in character c-box is for fun, it’s to get your characters talking and to help come up with some potential plot ideas. Please have fun with it and don’t take personally anything one person’s character may say to yours.

• If we find that the ic-box is more of a distraction than a tool it will be taken down so as to keep members active on the site.

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