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The Naked Truth

He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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 Posted: Jun 26 2015, 05:01 PM
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The Queen from This story
❝Rapunzel tells us one thing about love. Climbing the highest tower is less difficult if someone at the end gives you the reason to hold on.

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1. In Wonderland, what is the native language?
    Netherlings native tongue is called Landish; it sounds very similar to an Irish Gaelic. They also speak the common tongue, English.
2. I want to make a bandersnatch, jubjub or jabberwock, can I? And do they have a humanoid appearance?
    Absolutely, you may make the aforementioned. All Netherlings have the capability of making themselves appear humanoid. A Jabberwock may have scaly skin or lizard like eyes, or even a tail. That goes for any other creature.
3. Do Netherlings [Wonderlanders] have surnames?
    No, generally they don't. Some may give themselves a last name to appear more 'human' if they are in other worlds or kingdoms, but they are born with only one name.
4. Do vampires have to ask for permission to enter an establishment?
    Yes! They do and once given permission they have access to said establishment. However, if the invitation is rescinded they can no longer enter the premise.
5. What is the fashion?
    The Nine Kingdoms + Wonderland: Their attire is that of a clash between modern and medieval. Some kingdoms are a little more eccentric than others.
    NYC: Modern day attire, given it is 2015!
6. Can Vampires fly?
    Only ancient vampires can fly. We're talking close to or above 1,000 years old.
7. Can vampires turn into bats?
    No, these vampires cannot explode into bats or shapeshift.
8. Do people from the kingdom often find their way to new York or is it less commonplace?
    It's not exactly common place, but it also isn't uncommon. Those in the kingdoms know more about the portals than those in NY.

    So, if you're from the 5th kingdom you know that there is a portal in the kingdom. Some may come in the shape of a mirror that is strictly located in the castle. Some may come in the form of a wormhole of sorts that is randomly located throughout the kingdom(s) - once these are discovered word could easily get around as to its location. And yes, a citizen of a kingdom could transport to NY. Some places are more open to the idea than others. Some kingdoms consider NY'ers intruders and aren't so kind to them.
9. What is the technology like in the other kingdoms?
    There is none. Some have tried in the past but it doesn't function properly, this goes for Wonderland as well. They are all aware of the technology in the 10th kingdom though.
10. Can I make an original princess/other royal?
    No, you can't make an original princess or other royal family member unless it is requested in the want ads. The royal families are mapped out here already, this doesn't mean you can't twist your folklore/fairytale character into something that fits the setting here. We are open to helping you have them fit in.
11. How do Netherlings or half netherlings age?
    Netherlings age very slowly, there is no definite time to pin point it. Time is wonky in Wonderland, a few days there could be months passed in the kingdoms. They are immortal beings.

    Half Netherlings age a little differently than the full bloods. Since they are part human, if they live in a mortal realm and don't use their magic it will become dormant as well as difficult to call on. They will also age in real time, meaning that they will continuously age at a human's rate. If they are originally from Wonderland and pass back over into that world they will then be returned to their original age in Wonderland. If they are older and take their first steps into Wonderland that will be the age they will remain as they begin to age in "Wonderland time."

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