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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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 Chapter Four
Le Fanu.
 Posted: Dec 4 2017, 02:06 PM
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Kissa from The Smut Games
Book Dragon
❝And when she turned the page she felt the world fade away, the words formed a pathway to a new one, for who needed reality when the world of fantasy was just one sentence away?

Le Fanu.
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Chapter 1

Admin note: If you wish to find something relevant to your kingdom, please use the ctrl+f command to find information. Chapters will be long winded due to the size of the forum.

Chapters are here to help members understand what is currently going on in each kingdom that is noteworthy. Things that may be discussed by the citizens Kingdom wide, things that they should know.

So, another season has passed, dearest Tick-Tocks, welcome to Autumn! In case you haven't the foggiest of what is going on, come 'round and listen to the tales that surround the kingdoms, but as with everything, it comes with a price. A little coin goes a long way. Ah, there it is, nicely done.

Shall I set some ambiance? The weather differs in each kingdom, but far and wide in the kingdoms, everyone is preparing for the Pumpkin festival which spreads across the nine kingdoms. Those that are not able to grow pumpkins ship them in. Now, let us begin.

In the FIRST KINGDOM Prince Wei has become quite friendly with Yesenia Cendrillon, could she be the one? Will Prince Wei finally settle down? Who can say, Giselle Bayard, Yesenia's friend, has recently disappeared and the Prince has sworn to help Yesenia find her friend in any way he can.

In other news, Henrietta Montague and Persephone Newton have embarked on a Grand Tour, rumor has it that Lady Montague's father is tired of her rebel rousing ways, and if she hopes to gain title and fortune she must return a proper lady, but there is a secret her dear friend is keeping from her and it could upset the entire journey.

And if you haven't heard of the Panthers of Zezolla, you may live under a rock. The infamous trio of women are known for their wealth and power, but also their sordid ways. They will be holding a masquerade this season - be on the lookout for an invite. Aside from that, Zhenya Nicholai made friends with a Netherling, Delta Song had a run in with not only a sadistic werewolf from Hund Wald but strange magi known as Atticus O'Sullivan.

The SECOND KINGDOM is torn in half, one half celebrates the birth of King Ajax's twins and the other protests. An heir has been named now, Prince Dimitri Ulric and his twin sister, Princess Damascus Ulric, which cements the King's claim to the throne. Meanwhile, his cousin Sashi Ulric further complicates things by simply being present. It would seem the family is known for complicating things, for Merida Ulric is set to run away, now that she has learned a thing or two from her friend, she believes herself ready to be on her own. Veronica Ulric has realized the wrath and fury of her brother is fierce, for her big name supporters have been decimated by none other than the Huntsmen Niklaus von Brandt and Frederick Grendel.

In the THIRD KINGDOM King Eadoin Marquardt and Arora Anshu have grown a touch closer since the audition. Per the lips of a courtier, there had been some flirting on the dance floor during the Queen's birthday celebration. There was also a rumor that the King had been seen with fae guardian Eliot Merryweather and they looked none too pleased, some say it was regarding the alleged curse that follows the King like a dark cloud, who can say? But unbeknownst to the kingdom a war is brewing and only those closest to the king knows this...

There was also word of a thief running amok, a boy or so they say - but it was none other than Breena Callaghan running amok and stealing things out of boredom... but as the fates found it amusing, she bumped into the strange but handsome Eugenides Eddisian who may or may not be trustworthy.

As for the FOURTH KINGDOM the General and Gale's spy learn more of the young Prince Laurent's cruelty. And it would seem that the Panthers reach extends farther than just Zezolla, for Lord Lucius Moretti, noble, mine owner and spymaster, has set his sights on none other than Zhenya Nicholai, who is more than just a wealthy party-goer, she is one of the three who runs and operates the Black Market of the kingdoms. Lord Moretti's children are also neck deep in a mission, for they too are spies, and it is Constantine Moretti that is finding this task difficult, as he prepares to dismantle a vicious, dirty Lord's life and in the process ruin his daughter, Embry Rochefort's life, or so he believes.

FIFTH KINGDOM , Jafar Shyam's plans to take over the kingdom are furthered, now his half-brother Damianos Ababwa is clearly done away with and Octavius Ababwa is none the wiser as he goes off on his escapades. Except, Jafar doesn't know that while on his tour, Octavius stumbled on a Jinn, and who emerged from the bottle but Farah Nassar the lost and missing Duchess that has long been swept beneath a carpet. Speaking of carpet... if you saw something in the sky resembling a flying carpet - no your eyes did not deceive you, that was your Prince flying about.

in the SIXTH KINGDOM as Princess Periwinkle was not only crowned Queen, she was promptly whisked away as the vile witch Ursula has locked her away in a tower. Meanwhile, King Cresswell searches for his daughter. Somehow or another Atticus O'Sullivan has stumbled on her during a search for an elusive flower. He grudgingly befriends her, what could come of that?

Meanwhile in the SEVENTH KINGDOM, Queen Serenity Crescentia has sent the thief known as Eddisian Eugenides on a mission to retrieve a prized artifact, if he should return he will be pardoned, if not... Life in prison isn't so bad, is it? As if that wasn't intriguing enough, she is entirely clueless as to what her daughter has done. Not only is Alwyn Crescentia pregnant, but she has now married and bonded with Stenfisk's Prince Derrick mac Brenain and it seems the truth is about to be spoken. There is war on the tip of everyone's tongue... Even Lord Drakon has been pulled into the mix, but his attention is being torn between the kingdom and his new, fiesty apprentice, Imara Nimwen, perhaps he will release her from his possession.

Strangely, Ethne Aylin has recently found out that she is with child. This has never happened before and she hadn't been with anyone except for... That redheaded wolf she only knows as Rufus, or who Hund Wald knows as Niklaus von brandt.

Still the land of ice and snow, Arendelle our EIGHTH KINGDOM, has removed Celeste Baudouin from the throne and have crowned Damali Baudouin-Ulric as the Queen, and so she and her husband, Jericho Ulric are set to move in to the castle.

Curiously... Eugenides Eddisian finds himself in the land of frost, could this be where the artifact is and does Violet Baudelaire stand a chance?

NINTH KINGDOM , King Killian mac Brenain has been busy fussing over the well-being of Eilir Dylan and now that she's on the mend since nearly drowning, he seems to have settled some. What will their time share unfold, though? As for the younger mac Brenain boy, Derrick mac Brenain he's been quite busy, impregnating Lux's heir and marrying her in secret. What have you up your sleeve, Derrick? And do you know what you're doing?

In the urban jungle of the TENTH KINGDOM, drama unfolds across the board. Nephilim, werewolf, human and alike. It seems this kingdom is not untouched either.

All the while the game of chess in WONDERLAND moves forward. Queen Alanna doesn't know that her handmaiden, Delyth conspires against her, torn between protecting and ripping the crown from her head. She sides with Ace as the rebellion grows stronger. Death has promised to cease reaping until the war is over and his grandson, Steven Sto Helit finds himself the target of Cricket Ludd. What will come of that?

And finally, Selith, the kingdom of the sea. Prince Leven spends time with his sister, Princess Oona and grows closer to Cadence the guard.

That's all that I have to share for now it has once again been my sincere pleasure, and I thank you for your coin and your attention. Now, until next time, keep the truth juicy and the rumors even juicier!

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