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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Fanu
APP Author's Age: 31
APP Author's Timezone: EST
APP Author's Gender: Femme
APP Character Name: Farah Ali Nassar
APP Character's Age: 20
APP Character's Birthday: June 28th 1996
APP Character's Species: Jinn
APP Character's Group: 5th Kingdom
APP Character's Face Claim: Diana Penty
APP Character: Genie
APP Character's Story: Aladdin
APP Character Quote: Of course, I prefer granting wishes over my freedom, master.
APP Character's History: I was once an ordinary girl, well what I would call ordinary. I was born to a Jinn mother and a mortal father, back then I didn't understand the difference. I just knew that Ali Muhammad Nassar the duke of the Eastlands of Agrabah was my Papa and Jadee was my mama.

When I was born my parents rejoiced, you see my mother had fallen in love in the only way a Jinn can which was with everything she had. Their union was one of love and though she was a Jinn my Papa did not care, he chose to keep that a secret and loved her with everything he had in return. A union of love brought forth a child of love, me.

Farah Ali Nassar.

I was born in the middle of the night in late spring when the last of the spring blossoms have fallen and the air grows heavy with heat and moisture. It is said that when my mother held me she knew at once what I was, who could say how or why? I was the mirror image of her, although they say that I have my father's clever eyes. You may decide on whether or not that is true.

It was because of my nature that they opted to keep me shielded from society, unsure of how my abilities would come to be. Once, my mother took me to the market and I found myself fixated on a lamp, I could not move and my mother could not pull me from my spot. When she saw what it was she covered her mouth, lifted the lamp and bought it. Why the Duchess needed such a thing was beyond the salesmen, but she knew why and when we returned home she sat me down and told me.

I was five when my mother told me I was a Jinn, I scarcely remember her, but I remember the emotion behind her words as she told me what I was, that bad people would hunt me down if they knew what I was and that I must always stay hidden. Furthermore, I was always to keep the lamp hidden and never tell anyone. Not her, not Papa, no one. Everyone knew they had a daughter, but they kept me hidden away as much as they could. I met individuals here and there but never at length, it kept me secluded but most of all it kept me safe.

Somehow, someway, someone found my mother's lamp and they summoned her. I was eight when I last saw my mother and I admittedly still mourn her loss. You see, the vile creature that summoned her did so simply so he could murder her, some wicked man who had a grudge against my kind. My father was never the same after that incident, he grew more protective of me and swore he'd never let harm befall me, I wish...I wish it had. Harm befell him and on my thirteenth birthday someone discovered my lamp.

It was him. That cruel man who had murdered my mother and now my father, he stood there with his black eyes gleaming in the light and beckoned me to him. I wish I could have refused, I wish I could have run far away but invisible chains bound me to him in servitude. I was made to entertain him and eventually I met a boy named Jaleel. He had soft brown eyes and a boyish face, not quite older than me and I fancied myself in love with him. I may be bound to serve my masters but it does not mean i'm incapable of feeling and if I'm not commanded to return to my bottle I may do as I please as long as it does not go against my master's wishes. He never once uttered a word about me spending time with Jaleel and so two years after I met the boy I gave myself to him, wholly.

Little did I know that this was part of a plan and Jaleel was only a cowardly tool. I found this out down the road, my cruel master wanted me to pair with Jaleel - his right hand man, the idea of impregnating me wasn't something he favored but if the offspring was a Jinn he could retain two. Luckily, no seed took and Jaleel was deemed useless, I deemed him a cowardly moron. I was the rightful Duchess of the Eastlands! But I was Jinn first, doomed to be a slave forever.

Words travel fast, soon it was discovered that my master possessed a Jinn, I had granted him power, granted him money, granted him whatever he wished for and though I warned him he did not listen.

He was killed for that.

My bottle flew into the air with me inside of it, if it broke I'd be free for only a little while before I was able to pick another container. Except... my bottle didn't break, I was carried onto a ship where the crew became greedy and they battled over my bottle. The bottle tipped into the storming ocean and was lost...

For a few years I fell into a deep sleep, my bottle washed ashore Agrabah again but I'm in a deep slumber, dreaming of a simpler time and hoping that perhaps I'll never be summoned again.
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Farah Nassar

5th Kingdom

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Jul 1 2017, 09:16 AM

[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify"><br>History;; Farah is the lost Duchess of the Eastlands - no one know she is alive or even what she looks like at this point. Once, she had a happy life but at a young age she was taught to remain hidden to stay safe due to being a Jinn like her mother. Eventually the happy life came to an end when her mother was slain and then her father some years later. Farah then fell into the hands of a cruel master where her heart was broken and a fight broke out to gain control of Farah. Eventually her lamp was lost in the sea, washed ashore and now it has been found by none other than the young Prince Octavius Ababwa.

<bR><bR><br>Friends;;Farah is actually a kind, generous individual by nature. If given the chance to display her true self that is, the past several years since the untimely death of her parents life has somewhat hardened her as a form of protection. She is a just and fair individual outside of her bindings. In the case of having a master, she becomes a tricky individual as she struggles against her bindings...

<BR><br><br>Enemies;; Outright enemies? She has none yet, but she will be hunted until the day she is killed simply because of what she is. A Jinn who can grant wishes? It can cause wars, power struggles.. You could say she is a weapon of mass destruction.

<bR><br><br>Lovers;; Farah fancied herself in love once but that ended in heartbreak. She is inexperienced but not pristine, the idea of love and letting anyone touch her has been soured, hence her being content to remain alone. </center></div>[/dohtml]
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