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The Naked Truth

He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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 Completed Applications
Le Fanu.
 Posted: Jun 29 2015, 07:35 AM
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Kissa from The Smut Games
Book Dragon
❝And when she turned the page she felt the world fade away, the words formed a pathway to a new one, for who needed reality when the world of fantasy was just one sentence away?

Le Fanu.
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Completed Apps

Hi there, and welcome to TCST!

As stated in the rules, your application is now located under MY CONTROLS > EDIT PROFILE INFO and then filling in all of the fields marked APP. They should all be down the bottom. If you have questions about this please speak to a staffer.

Also, as stated in the rules please post here in this thread to let us know that your application is completed. It will then be reviewed shortly after, and you will receive a PM from a staff member to let you know if your applications has been accepted, pended, or denied. If it has been pended we will give you our suggestions on how to edit it.

Welcome to the site!
Weezie, Fanu, Stoker

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