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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Stoker
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APP Character Name: Persephone Anais Newton
APP Character's Age: 29
APP Character's Birthday: March 5th, 1987
APP Character's Species: Human
APP Character's Group: 1st Kingdom
APP Character's Face Claim: Rosario Dawson
APP Character: Percy Newton
APP Character's Story: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
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APP Character's History: My father Anthony was the second born to a wealthy, aristocratic family in Zezolla. One of those old, incredibly stuck in their ways, backward minded, and vastly religious and judgemental kinds. I always assumed it was because of this that my sweet, kind hearted father offered to voyage with the Newton trade ships, so that he could escape his family. Escape he did, to all the other parts of our great world and that was how my very white father met my not so white mother. A lovely tanned goddess – as he saw her – with dark eyes and midnight tresses. He fell in love automatically, writing many an ode to her on his violin. I was born to them out there on the waters, but my birth cost my mother her life. With a newborn on his arm he saw no other option but to return home to his family in Zezolla.

He brought me home to his brother Thomas and his wife Beatrice who both thought I was some form of mongrel I am still convinced of to this day. But nonetheless they welcomed me into their family, helped my father find a proper wet nurse and aided him with my overall care. When I was five my father fell severely ill and there wasn’t anything that anyone could do, and apparently little mixed race outcast children weren’t awarded a fairy godmother. My father passed away, leaving me only his violin as the last connection to him.

My Uncle and Aunt weren’t expecting to become my guardians, and yet they took on the responsibility, and they loved me in their way raising me mostly as their own. I was given tutors and lessons just as any other girl in the surrounding area, even if I was never entirely a lady of the house. I was given musical training as well, learning to play my father’s violin and in many ways remaining tied to him through it. Though my life was not grand, it was not bad either.

There was one incredibly bright spot in my childhood, Henrietta Montague... Monty. She was my next door neighbour and a year younger than me, not that it mattered to either of us. I willingly tagged along to wherever her little blonde head lead me, always happy to be in the place that Monty was. She made me feel secure in myself and our friendship, made me feel right, and at home. She was home. The two of us wound up in scads of trouble together, Monty never able to control herself and always leading us into the foray of misconduct, but I always let her do it. Always went where she lead and did what she asked, anything to see her smile and be a part of that bright sunshine.

I don’t really know when it became a definite knowledge in my person – perhaps it was so bone I always knew – but I became painfully aware of my love for Monty in the midst of her first scandal with Rachel Peel. The two of them had been caught kissing in some dark corner at a ball. Rachel accused Monty of attacking her, which I knew just wasn’t true. Everyone believed Rachel though, including Monty’s father, and even though she never really said anything I knew that their already rough relationship became more strained and my dearest friend began to hate herself a little more.

I’d been hurt at the knowledge that Monty would choose someone else to be the girl she kissed, but as a young teen was hopeful that now that I wasn’t alone in my differentness that Monty would look my way. It never happened, but I stood by her side anyway. During a teen group hang I made sure to accidentally connect Rachel in the face with my riding crop, leaving her lip split and a tooth loose. You didn’t hurt Monty, especially when I was around.

That was a turning point for Monty, and like the faithful friend I was, I let her lead me into even more dire debacles, severely unladylike places of entertainment, drunken escapades, the whole nine yards. And each time I would have to watch her disappear with some new man or woman, watch as they tasted what I yearned for, bite my lip in agony as they tarnished and undervalued what I held most dear. Despite the pain, despite the ever growing wound in my heart I remained there, letting her drag me along each time because I couldn’t allow anything to happen to her. Didn’t trust Monty to not wind up dead in a gutter or utterly destroyed by some undeserving scoundrel. So I went to protect her, as best as I could. And in truth... even the dregs of her attention, the tender touches, the sweet kisses to my cheeks.... they were what kept me going, kept me hoping that someday... SOMEDAY... I would be the one.

We aged, we grew, and Monty was sent away to a polished private school while remained in our home town. It was pure agony to be apart, to have taken from me the only true light that I had. I was taken care of by my family, but their estates would never be ‘mine’, not the strange mixed race niece from some strange land who didn’t quite look the part of their white standard. But I was okay with that part, didn’t necessarily want it, I just wanted to be allowed to be happy, to have my own space somewhere, anywhere. I threw myself into my music, learning my violin until I could play it in my sleep, pouring my emotions and longings into my music. I began to play around the countryside and in the city, finding places where they would pay me a fair coin for my efforts.

All the while living for the letters that would come my way from Monty, bittersweet – filled with lines and lines of her misery without me but a poetry book worth of odes to a beautiful girl she had met there at school.

It would seem that the fates held something else in store for me. When I turned twenty-six I felt the world shift beneath me as an episode of illness struck me, taking me down to the floor while I began to shake uncontrollably, my body seeming possessed as I shook and trembled and eventually blacked out before awaking exhausted and staring into the faces of my petrified aunt and uncle. My high religious aunt signed across herself and cried for a priest, a doctor and a Shadowhunter to be called for. I was sent away to my room. The doctor found that I was weakened and needing of sleep and rest, but could find no sign of what had caused my episode. The Shadowhunter found no sign of demonic possession. The priest was not so sure.

In the three years that have passed I have been struck down by the episodes on more than one occasion. My aunt and uncle have put me through every test imaginable. Bloodletting, fasting, detox, magi tinctures, acupuncture, herbs, exorcism..... nothing has worked and they are at their last wits with me. My aunt can’t even bare to be in the same room as me when I am struck down and has a difficult time meeting my eye on any given day. I’m fairly certain she believes me possessed by some demon or ghost. They have come to a decision, my aunt and uncle, that I am to be allowed one last foray into the world – joining Monty on her tour of the kingdoms – and then I will be sent to a hospital deep in the mountains. An asylum in all truth. A place where I will not be allowed to harm anyone or ‘myself’ or release whatever demon is inside me out into the world.

All I want is to flee. To go off into some small country town and play my violin for coin and enjoy the fire at night inside a small, quaint cottage. If only Monty would come with me.... then she could help me endure this. But she doesn’t know, she can’t know for fear of how she will change when around me. So I will fill the next year with all the glories the world can offer, soak up everything I can, and keep it close to my heart as they lock me away.
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Persephone Newton

1st Kingdom

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Sep 16 2017, 10:08 AM

HISTORY;; Persephone, or Persi as she prefers to be called was born to the second son of a well-to-do aristocratic family in Zezolla. Her father met her mother while going port to port on the family's trading ships. It was love at first sight and Persi was the product of their union. Her mother passed away during her birth and so her father returned to his extremely white and old-fashioned family with his lovely dark skinned daughter. Her father passed away when she was five years old from a terrible illness and Persi was left to their care. They treated her well enough and she was given all the education that private tutors and lessons could offer. She excelled at the violin, the one she owned having been her father's and her most prized possession.

Persi is a good enough person but tends to wind up in scares due to her friendship with Henrietta 'Monty' Montague. Her best friend, and also the woman she has been madly in love with since she was a child. Something that Monty is not aware of. Persi has another secret. In the passed three years she has discovered that she suffers from epilepsy, but it is not something understood whatsoever in the kingdoms and her aunt and uncle fear that she is actually possessed or slightly insane. Persi is being given one final year to go on tour of the kingdoms with Monty, and then upon her return she will be sent off to an asylum in the mountains to live out the rest of her days.

FRIENDS;; Monty is her best friend and always has been, and Persi will defend her to the end despite the scrapes she gets them both into. She's not as outspoken as her best friend, in fact she's rather well behaved when left to her own devices. Can be seen as sweet even, and is always respectful and calm. Despite this she's always been somewhat on the outside of their social circle. The shade of her skin leaving everyone not certain where she fits in.

ENEMIES;; Persi doesn't really set out to make these. However, there have been a few moments in her past when she has reacted 'strongly' to people who have wronged Monty. Other than that she tries to keep to herself and not cause a scene. Her bestie does that enough for the both of them.

LOVERS;; There have been a couple, two men to be precise which were entirely an effort to erase her deep, unrequited love for her best friend. But it's never worked and both moments left her feeling worse off than before. Which isn't a feeling that she likes. Persi still holds out hope for finding a place in Monty's heart, but at this point she's more or less resolved to the fact that she has only a year left to truly live. A little flirting from a pretty girl might go a long way to making her smile, even just a little.
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