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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Fanu.
APP Author's Age: 31
APP Author's Timezone: EST
APP Author's Gender: Femme
APP Character Name: Evangeline Rosa Marino
APP Character's Age: 38
APP Character's Birthday: June 28th 1978
APP Character's Species: Werewolf
APP Character's Group: 10th Kingdom
APP Character's Face Claim: Irina Shayk
APP Character: original
APP Character's Story: original
APP Character Quote: Let my heart bleed out till there's nothing left, it's my day to be brilliant.
APP Character's History: The moment I took a breath I was loved and I never doubted that, but the love of a parent is vastly different from that of a sibling. I was grateful to have an older sister and the moment she held me in her arms she vowed to protect me. Donatella took her guardianship of me quite seriously and as an older sister was attentive, always seeing to my needs should our mother not meet them in a timely fashion. She adored me and it was a mutual feeling.

Our family was a unit, tightly woven and everyone knew that they were loved, appreciated and had a place in life. My sister was the brightest star, though, and in my youth, I didn't mind because we were best friends, we did everything together. We shared a room and she would read me stories and what she couldn't read she'd improvise to ensure that the story remained interesting. As I grew older we shared more, our dreams and aspirations and instead of sleeping in separate beds we'd climb in one and talk until we fell asleep.

They say there is no bond like that of two sisters and that is true, except there is one bond stronger than any, which is the mating bond.

Maybe it's because I've never felt the pull of a mate, maybe it's because for some reason unknown to me I was born lacking the same sunshine my sister possessed, whatever the reason, things changed when Alejandro Cortez came into the picture. I wasn't pushed aside it was just that I didn't exactly hold the same place in my sister's life. Evenings were spent discussing things pertaining to Cortez, and at night I'd endure her whispers of how she loved him and looking back now it was so selfish of me to be jealous. Yet, I was. Not necessarily because of him, although he was quite handsome, it was more that she had someone and she felt that pull and that bond with him.

I wanted that for myself, too, and more than anything I wanted to keep my sister close.

That was not meant to be. She married him and I plastered a fake smile on my face and swore that if Alejandro ever hurt her that he would pay for it. My beautiful sister was soon pregnant and I should have rejoiced for her but my own bitterness got in the way. I tried to be happy for her, I swear I did because I loved her but there was a gnawing deep in my body. I wanted that, too. I wanted what she had. I didn't care that I was five years younger.

While Donatella was preoccupied with her new life I thrust myself into modeling which led to acting. I found myself picking up big deals which was good enough for me because it was a distraction from the impending birth of my niece or nephew. Except, when the big day came I didn't escape with my friends I sat in the waiting room and I waited until I could see them.

I exhaled as I looked down at Olivia Lane and lifted her into my arms, nuzzling my sister's flesh and blood. I'd protect her, I swore it. She wasn't just Alejandro's she was mine, too.

From then on I juggled modeling, acting and being the best aunt I could be. I took Olivia out on play dates, let my sister and Alejandro take a breather and spoiled my niece as rotten as I could.

We had four glorious years together.

I was at a modeling shoot when I got the phone call. I dropped what I was doing and rushed over, I lobbed blame at Cortez, stating I'd never forgive him for this and that I did, in fact, blame him.

I'd give him his space, but I wasn't about to leave my Livvie. Except, maybe I shouldn't have. If I hadn't given them space then Olivia never would have been abducted and she never would have gone missing and I wouldn't have been cursing at Alejandro again.

I hated him, hated him so much and even more when all of our efforts to find Olivia turned up empty. I couldn't do it, I couldn't stay in New York, I couldn't look at him and his wretched face. So I fled the states, I took up with a modeling company in Italy and became successful in both modeling as well as acting.

That's where I've been and I've refused to check in with New York until a new movie has me venturing there, of course. And what do I find except for Cortez Construction booming with none other than my beautiful niece as the head of the company. Apparently Alejandro is dead...

I don't know what to feel about this and truth be told I don't want to feel anything about it, but she is still my Livvie.
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Evangeline Marino

10th Kingdom

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Jun 28 2018, 01:55 PM

[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify"><br>History;; She grew up well loved by her family, but Evangeline soon fell into her older sister's shadow and she was forever trying to run out from under it. Always finding herself envying what her sister had Eva tried different avenues, modeling and acting, to try to find her own happiness. But when her sister married and soon had an infant she found herself jealous again, but found she adored her niece, Olivia Cortez. Happiness was short lived and eventually all good things come to an end. So when Eva's sister was murdered and eventually Olivia kidnapped, Eva fled to Italy for fifteen years and is now back because of an upcoming movie.

<bR><bR><br>Friends;; She would have few friends but those few would be insanely close and well protected. She's not easy to get along with and therefore comes across as being a snippy and bitchy but she means well.

<BR><br><br>Enemies;; She definitely has enemies in the industry as well as personally. She's not the easiest person to get along with. And those that she deems as friends or family are under her protection which is fiiiierce.

<bR><br><br>Lovers;; Always chasing the next high in the form of a lover, she's known for having quite the reputation in hollywood. The tabloids love and hate her escapades, but in truth Eva has always wanted a mate and she's beginning to think that there is not one out there for her. </center></div>[/dohtml]
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