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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Fanu
APP Author's Age: 31
APP Author's Timezone: EST
APP Author's Gender: Femme
APP Character Name: Henrietta Emiline Montague
APP Character's Age: 28
APP Character's Birthday: September 16th, 1988
APP Character's Species: Human
APP Character's Group: 1st Kingdom
APP Character's Face Claim: Rachael Taylor
APP Character: Henry Montague
APP Character's Story: Gentlemen's Guide to Vice and Virtue
APP Character Quote: I'd like you to both remember just how much you adore me and how dull and gloomy your lives would be without me in them.
APP Character's History: I'd like to recount the events that made me wholly and entirely me, which sadly will sound quite dull, so bear with me.

Born the first of what would be three children, I was the highly anticipated heir to Lord Henry Montague who happened to hold the title of Viscount. He had grand notions of naming his firstborn after him and had planned out his son's entire life before he was born except upon my birth there was noticeably no dangling appendage betwixt my legs, how unfortunate! But, alas, dear o'l Lord Montague took the cards he was dealt in the form of me and bestowed upon me his name, at least the female version of it. Henrietta - gods, if I could have punched him in the nose then I would have, who names their daughter Henrietta?

Still, it was then, that Henry's cogs turned in his weasely brain and he decided that his daughter would be worth just as much as a son, for in the way of a daughter he could marry her upward and increase the virtues of the family in such a way. So even in my youth, he was choosing how to run my life and how to best use me. I was never once a daughter in his eyes, just a pawn to be moved across the board.

Well, as such I grew into a hellacious creature, at first I wasn't too horrendous, I simply wanted any and all the attention I could afford. I mostly wanted to please my father and my mother was a mouse of a woman who clung to her status and title as a wife rather than interfere with how father parented. Also, she was heavy with child some few years into my toddlerhood, I was most put out and seemed to quarrel with the thing as soon as it entered the world.

I had bigger plans, though, or at least in my head. No matter the schooling I received, the etiquette classes, the tedious hours spent learning every important name.. I seemed to fight with it and the more I fought with it the more my father took it out on me. In the beginning it was only words, but as time went on and I grew more creative with my misbehavings and he grew more relentless with his punishments.

The one bright spot in my life always seemed to be Persi, looking back now I can call myself so entirely foolish as to how I couldn't see it. I always stood too close to her, my touches lingered too long and I twined myself around her too easily, so how could I not realize what she would, later on, become to me?

I was around the age of fourteen when Rachel Peele was flirting with me at a ball, it was in good nature but she quickly advanced on me, it was my first time experimenting with a girl and gods... She had the plushest lips and her curves were crafted by the gods, I swear it. Things were beginning to heat up and when we were caught, because yes in the most humiliating fashion we were caught, I was blamed. She cried to her parents, called me perverse and her parents called me depraved. My father called me a disappointment after he lashed my backside until it bled. He said he would beat whatever was wrong with me out and at some point I gave way to blackness and hoped he was right, I hoped he could beat whatever was wrong with me out.

I didn't tell Persi about that, she knew something was wrong but I kept my mouth shut, but from that point it only seemed worse, because damn Rachel Peele came back for more and by more this time we were tangled in one another's limbs and I let her use me, it became a theme for me. I never forced myself on another but I would let them use me and the more they did the bigger the void in me became. Thus, I turned to drinking.

By the time I was off to school father and I had a very difficult relationship. He sent me to one of the best private institutions in hopes of breaking me, but if his beatings had not why would a school? For a time I did quite well, until distractions in the form of male and females danced before my vision like sugar plum faeries.

And when I was caught, because why wouldn't I be? I received perhaps the worst beating of my life. My face was bruised into oblivion, blood poured from my mouth and no matter how much I cried for my father to stop he only increased. It was not the headmaster who expelled me, it was my father but so the story goes - I was expelled for getting into a fist fight with a few girls.

I drank more, I gambled, which in turn led me to drink more and sleeping around more. I could do no right and at this point why should I have even tried? So I went about gallivanting, dragging Persi into my messes, gods bless her.

Somewhere after my expulsion, another child was born and it would seem my existence was dwindling, I heard more than a handful of times how I would be disinherited, that my brother would receive it and how he ought to. The truth was, I wasn't certain what I wanted - and a life without luxury was terrifying to me.

And so, at the age of twenty eight, this is my last chance to prove myself. I have decided to take a tour with Persi and the strangest, damnedest thing of it is... in the past few years my perversion has crept into my friendship. The way Persi's eyes light up, the plumpness of her lips, I yearn to wrap my limbs around her and bury my nose into her neck. But I am poison and Persi is of the utmost goodness...

APP Sample Post: See Fanu.
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Henrietta Montague

1st Kingdom

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Sep 17 2017, 09:15 AM
Yesterday's breakfast had turned from epically wonderful to something resembling a disaster. Monty had woken up entangled in Persi and she had to wonder for a moment if they had... done anything, alcohol's lasting effects caused a haziness to fog her mind in such a way that she hoped to high heavens she hadn't... but when she peered beneath the covers she found that while she might have been quite bottomless, Persi still had hers on - somehow. She fixed her green eyes on her beloved friend and yearned to touch her cheek but did not want to disturb the serene look about her face, gods.. Persi was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen and Monty felt like a heel for lusting after her friend, her depravity surely knew no bounds.

That wasn't the worst part though, it was breakfast. It was awkward as Persi's Aunt and Uncle had joined, mother dear had declared clothing had been found strewn about in one of Monty's drunken sprees, she felt like giggling and had even done so in spite of her mother's horrified look about her, of course, her brother had his nose in a book as per usual, but it was the icy wind that came in as Monty's father sat down and with it a hammer that sobered Monty instantly. Sober she might have been, but she couldn't help the words that spilled from her mouth.

The trip she had so been looking forward to with Persi was being destroyed, a chaperone was to go and so was Felippe, her brother. There was always the constant reminder that the inheritance would be stripped as would any means to a title and as reckless as what Monty was - there were some things she enjoyed in life.

So, it was decided that early in the morning they would leave.

Hence the groan that slid from Monty as her head slammed into the carriage's window. "It's devilishly early, too early to be awake..." It was still dark out. The carriage hit a bump and because she was half asleep her head clashed with Persi's. "Bloody hell!" She cried out as she rubbed her head. "Are you awake?" She blinked owlishly.

@Persephone Newton
Sep 16 2017, 07:59 AM

[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify"><br>History;; Monty grew up in the life of privilege and was one day to inherit the title of Viscountess - that was if she had behaved, had lived according to her father's plan and didn't dabble in sordid relationships with men and women. As such she was abused a great deal by her father and the more she was the more she rebelled. Through it all she had one consistent being and that was Persi. As of late she has felt stirrings of more than friendship and fears it, but also craves it. </p>
Before Monty has no choice but to buckle down and endure a life of misery - or risk losing a life of luxury - she has decided to tour the kingdoms with none other than Miss Persi Newton...

<bR><bR><br>Friends;; I think generally that Monty has a difficult time obtaining friendships outside of her bestie, Persi. She has a lot of self worth issues and is blunt as well as reckless. I mean, how many people will willingly attach themselves to one of the most scandalous individuals in the country? Ha.

<BR><br><br>Enemies;; I imagine enemies would be many but not great evils.. I mean, those she gambled with and owed a debt to and fled, the men and women she slept with and possibly had been attached to another..
things like that. Monty is reckless and doesn't think before she acts or speaks.

<bR><br><br>Lovers;; Monty does not discriminate, these would be MANY. Male, female, young or old... Rich or poor. She has many lovers and as long as they're willing she has no qualms about it being in the most scandalous setting either. In fat, she is a walking scandal. She was stung once in the worst way by one of her firsts... and as the product of her not so great upbringing she believes she isn't worthy of anything more than letting people use her.</center></div>[/dohtml]
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