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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Weezie
APP Author's Age: 29
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APP Author's Gender: Femme
APP Character Name: Sage Georgette Aerilyn
APP Character's Age: 24
APP Character's Birthday: August 5, 1992
APP Character's Species: Shifter
APP Character's Group: 1st Kingdom
APP Character's Face Claim: Amelia Bunjamin
APP Character: Sage
APP Character's Story: Geekerella
APP Character Quote: Bippity boppity boo bitch
APP Character's History: Being born into a lower-class family meant many things for little Sage. It meant that she wouldn’t be able to have the pretty things she saw other girls wearing that she liked so well. It meant that sometimes her parents would have to work extra hard just to put food on the table. It meant that adding another sibling to the litter was an absolute non-option for them. (Her parents often told her they didn’t have another child because they’d had the perfect one the first time and thus didn’t need to try again. It was sweet, but completely untrue, and Sage knew it.)

What it didn’t mean was that she was discouraged from dreaming. Some lower-class children were taught not to dream, for there was no likelihood that their dreams would come true. They were taught that dreams were for the rich, and dreams in a poor child would only lead to disappointment. Sage suffered from no such thing. Though she was told to be pragmatic about things, she was never told that she could not or would not one day do something.

So, when five-year-old Sage took to the needle and thread, and sewed herself a pretty party dress out of scraps she’d found around town, her parents told her how beautiful she looked, and allowed her to wear it until the blasted thing practically fell off of her. And when she announced at dinner one evening that one day she would design gowns for the royalty of all the nine kingdoms, and maybe some of Wonderland too, they just told her to go for it. They went out and bought her a better sewing kit, and some more thread, and her mother even got her some fresh new fabric. From that fabric, her first design was formed. It was a strange little frock, mostly clean lines with a little frill, not something a five-year-old would design. But Sage delighted in it, and whenever someone saw it they declared it the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen.

Three years later her father died, and they had to sell their house because they could no longer pay the taxes on the land. Little eight-year-old Sage did the only pragmatic thing she could think to do, she begged her mother to allow her to apprentice with a seamstress in town. Then she would be learning the trade, and producing an income to help support her mother. There was some debate at the time, but eventually her mother saw the wisdom in it, and allowed it. And so, the little girl packed up what few things she had, and was off to live with the seamstress in town.

The years have flown by, or so it would seem. And Sage has learned anything and everything she can from the old seamstress. She’s even begun to take on clients of her own in the shop, making a name for herself there. But one person cannot have it all, she’d learned that early on. And at the age of twenty-four, she lost her mother too. Which was the last thing holding her to the small town where she’d been born and brought up. So, she packed up her few belongings, said her goodbyes to her friends, and decided to make her way to the city. With the money, she had saved up from the years of working under the old seamstress she had enough to rent a shop front… if just for a few months. To make a real go at designing gowns for the nobility of the kingdoms. The question is… will she succeed, or will she have to return home with her tail tucked between her legs?
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Sage Aerilyn

1st Kingdom

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Dec 10 2017, 02:18 PM
Sage really hadn't been expecting an invitation from the Panthers for their ball. She'd known they were having one, because all three of them had come to her and requested dresses that would turn the fashion world of Zezolla on it's head. Which she'd delivered, if she did say so herself. And as a thank you, they had invited her to the ball. Which had left her feeling a little in awe. For all the gossip, and the scandal that surrounded the three women, they were extremely kind. They had paid her well for her services, and had begun spreading the word that their gowns were gorgeous and were created by her. Which would have been enough as far as payment went, but then they'd taken it a step further and had invited her to the party. Normally, she may not have gone. She may have politely declined. Because that also meant she had to create a gown for herself that would stand out amongst the crowd. And why? Well because of a pretty girl of course, because Sage really was that much of an idiot.

She was an idiot because there was no reason at all for her to believe that the pretty girl even wanted to see her. No reason at all for her to believe that the pretty girl even liked girls. But still Sage slept in that morning until late afternoon, woke up, and started to get ready for the ball. She pulled on the dress she'd finished the night before, and tried to tame the mass of strangely colored hair on the top of her head. Looking at herself in the mirror she focused enough to add some color to her lips, and cheeks, and lengthen her eyelashes just a little. It wasn't much, but it was better than traditional cosmetics. Then she set off, in a carriage she'd rented.

The hall was bustling with people. Everyone was moving this way and that to find their seats, and settle in before they started the dancing. Looking around from behind her mask she selected a table near the exit to the balcony in case she decided she needed a quick escape, and then went to get a drink.


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