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He could draw on Earth's ability to heal and regenerate plants, to thrive in harsh conditions, and that was one of the reasons he was being hunted. That and the ancient sword or two he had stolen from Anghus. Dick deserved it.


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APP Author Alias: Fanu
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APP Character Name: Zhenya Anise Nicholai
APP Character's Age: 45
APP Character's Birthday: August 7th 1971
APP Character's Species: Half-Fae
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APP Character's Face Claim: Monika Jagaciak
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APP Character Quote: Life is like chess, you lose your queen and you likely will lose the game.
APP Character's History: Nahlrie Felarund was born in Lux, a villager and no one of true consequence. She worked in one of the shops in the market where the foreigners were able to truck in their goods and when she met the handsome man known as Demeter he was peddling his goods. Demeter Nicholai was a shrewd man with clever blue eyes, but it was Nahlrie's blonde hair and green eyes that caught his interest.

Demeter was clean cut back then, a strapping young man to say the least. His hair fell in dark waves, his skin tanned by the sun and he was everything a human woman would covet in a partner. Except Nahlrie was not a human and in fact was an elf and so their union was forbidden. Nahlrie didn't care, she kept everything a secret, the romance was a secret, they knew they'd never be wed but they coupled and a year into their relationship a pregnancy came about.

For all the horrid things that Demeter was, he truly did love Nahlrie and wished she could come away with him, he was truly excited about the pregnancy, too. Except there was something strange from the beginning about the pregnancy, Nahlrie didn't feel right and could barely work. Seven months later, much too soon, she gave birth to a baby girl, but that wasn't it, she felt it and the next one would take every ounce of strength she had left. A little boy was born five minutes later. Nahlrie had enough life left in her to name them, Zhenya Anise and Dominic Sage.

Demeter was distraught at the loss of his lover, but more than that he was left with two squalling infants he had no clue how to take care of. They were half breeds and who would help them? Desperately, he found a nurse maid who aided them and those little babies thrived in spite of the odds.

Zhenya was larger than her twin, but they both fought tooth and nail to live. When one gurgled the other felt encouraged and thrived, it went both ways. They lived for one another. Before too long they were toddlers and by then their father had turned to drinking, he had brought ruin around them. Instead of living in their small cottage they had soon been moved into a hut far from civilization.

Since Demeter could no longer hold a job, booze cost money, he looked to his children and began to form a plan. He'd train them to pick pockets, to weave in through crowds and put on sob stories to earn coin. They were children and he was tired of hiding the brats, for what? To be reminded of what he didn't have? To his pleasure, Zhenya and Dominic took to thieving like pros and this went on until they were eight years old. The older Zhenya grew the more she favored Nahlrie, the same unearthly green eyes, high cheek bones and -other- beauty surrounded her. The reddish-blonde hair wasn't the same shade as the sunny, lovely color and it usually sent Demeter in a fit. Dominic often ran interference, he'd coax his sister into glamouring her hair into blonde to appease him, but it only fixed one problem.

One day, Dominic had run out of luck, he had stepped in to save Zhenya from a drunken backlash when his father sent him out, banished him from a home and left him orphaned and without his twin. Dominic tried his best to gain his father's favor, to worm his way back in but he was gone and Zhenya felt the loss. The years ticked by and she would meet up with Dominic, hug him, savor his company and return home to endure her father.

It was when she was thirteen he grabbed up her hair and sneered. She had become all the more lovely and he had a plan to earn some coin, and the playful, coy girl had been forced into a situation which would ruin her once giddy disposition. She was sold for a handsome sum to a man who wanted nothing more than to use her for his pleasure. So he did and for months on end Zhenya fought tooth and nail as she had her whole life. She tried using magic on him, tried to escape with magic but he was always one step ahead and he collared her, chained her and set her in a cage where she was to sleep, eat, empty herself and unless otherwise said - was to remain in a cage in his room.

Four horrible years in that situation and she didn't see her brother, but she felt him and knew he was alive. She didn't see her father, either. It was just the grotesque man, Zhenya had lost it, every time she'd wish to fight her limbs would fight against it and be pinned, useless. To look at her she looked like the walking dead, long limbs so thin and her skin sullied, her hair was dull and her body covered in bruises and blood.

So many times she had been brutalized, forced to drink tinctures because she had conceived, only to be kicked or nearly drowned in a potion to be rid of it. She felt hollowed out and wished, wished upon wishes that she could just die. Let Dominic live for the both of them.

The fates aren't that kind though, Dominic finally found her and he was able to release her. He said nothing in regard to the state of her being, but he released her and was ready to escape until The Man came back. Dominic used his magic which was stronger than his sister's at the moment, but The Man was Fae and he knew what they were. Halflings. They brawled, Zhenya leaped onto his back and tried to strangle him but he flung her to the side with ease. In the end it was Dominic that died and Zhenya was left keening as she felt the loss as if a part of her had died and in truth it had. Not now, not when they had just been reunited.

She may have been frail in that moment, but she was feral and the gleam in her green eyes was wicked. She screamed and the earth seemed to shudder beneath them, a scowl formed on her face as she launched herself at him. Magic coiled around his neck, around his limbs and bound him, his magic fought back but she was furious and she aimed to kill him, which was what she did.

Once the deed was done she stood in rags covered in grime and she looked as if she had just crawled out of a grave. Luck had something against Zhenya because a party came upon her, Lords and Ladies on a tour and the word halfling, and witch was thrown around. Murderer. Magic coiled in her, in spite of her exhaustion, she knew if she was caught she would be executed. She ran as hard and as fast as she could. It was summer and the water still had a bite to it, but it was either die of exhaustion and cold in the water or die at the hands of the Fae. She opted for a death she had a choice in.

She swam until blackness overcame her. A passing fisherman reeled her in, tended to her and clothed her. When he anchored in the harbor of wherever they were, which happened to be Zezolla, she jumped ship without so much as a thank you. She ran and hid, fretted and when she swallowed down her panic she knew what to do. All she knew how to do.

So she stole. Money here, there, a watch to pawn and little by little the glimmer returned to Zhenya. She was able to afford dresses, food and for the next twenty years she would build a life for herself, devising plans, plotting and putting her sharp mind to use. Tutors were hired and were sworn into silence, she became something new, something worthy of partaking in high society and so she did.

Under the guise of Lady Zhenya Nicholai - a mysterious Countess that many inquire about, but few have strings to grab at as far as her origins went.

It was at an extravagant ball that she met the two women she'd deem sisters and more, like-minded women who were just as burned as she and yet they had all survived. So, Zhenya did what she hadn't done in quite some time. She trusted them with everything she had and she has not regretted it since.

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Zhenya Nicholai

1st Kingdom

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Feb 14 2018, 08:36 AM
Nearly a week had flown by already and Zhenya had been anticipating the opera, she had heard the raving reviews and not one to pass up good theater she had been thrilled to discover one would be performed while she was holding business in Eira. By some chance she had met Lucius Moretti, owner of not one but three diamond mines, one would consider who Zhenya Nicholai was and wonder if it was by chance at all, but it was. There had been no intention of seeking out the owner of the mines, but now that she knew, well... it was time to put some feelers out.

As strange and as foreign as it might seem to her, she placed those feelers out by way of an invitation, not one invite but two. One to the opera, and one to a night of sin. That way she could come to understand him better, Zhen was all about setting small traps and trials during what should have been a pleasant evening, as it was she didn't fully believe that Lucius would be arriving in the carriage he had declared he would. Why? She didn't trust easily and that was just as well with her, it was safer that way.

The dress she opted to wear for the evening was beautiful, if not a little tame for her style, and on the more simplistic side. The fabric clung to her slim, but present curves and the black glittered like a canvas full of stars or diamonds. She wore bedazzled heels which were covered up by the skirt of the dress and the jewels that hung from her ears sparkled. Now that she thought of it, they could very well could have been from the Moretti mines. More diamonds circled her wrists and she looked ever the part of a jewel herself.

Once dressed she made her way into the lobby, clutch in hand and sent a questioning look to the man behind the desk. He paused for a moment and that was all Zhenya needed before she rolled her eyes and moved away.

"Lady Zhenya, Lord Moretti is waiting for you," he stammered out.

Surprise flicked across Zhen's features as she spun her head around. "I see, good evening," she shrugged her shawl onto her shoulders, masking the puzzled look although she felt confusion swirl around inside.

@Lucius Moretti

Dec 19 2017, 04:13 PM
A grand entrance had been made, of course there had been, there was no other way that would do for the Panthers. Each one of them had their reasons, but it seemed to be each one wanted the masses to revel in their presence and be in awe. Each one of them wanted to be accepted for what they were and the party goers were at their mercy. Thrust into some precarious situations - never were they unwanted, though.

Zhenya had peeled away from the masses when she heard the surname Moretti, interesting, she mused. She had just taken up a strong fae wine to begin indulging when she heard the next name she had been waiting for. Rochefort, she had honed in on him and wanted more information. He seemed to be a greedy fool and there was something unsettling about him. She met him once and that was enough, his gaze was far too assessing, not the kind that read a person but the kind that measured one up. As if they were being weighed on a scale before setting off to auction, she had seen those kind of looks before. Zhenya refused to deal with him more than she had to, much to her disappointment he wasn't in attendance tonight, just his lovely daughter.

In truth, Zhenya hadn't entirely counted on Lucius Moretti being present. Their encounter had been amusing and she would dare even say bordering on fun. He was a large man that on first glance made everything in her tense and ready to slice into him, yet in his presence there were few alarms. He didn't look at her like he wanted something, or even expected it. There was something about him that wanted to put her at ease, if only she'd allow it.

Downing the contents of her glass she felt the familiar burn of fae wine tumble through her veins, it delicious and made a smile curve her lips upward. Behind the lace cat mask glittering green eyes surveyed the party goers. She turned on her heel and the beaded skirt rustled and the fabric fell away to let her long leg slip through. Pale, umblemished flesh peeked from it, the left side of her body was seen beneath the see-through fabric. As the dress continued upward the fabric was placed cleverly so, as not to offer more than she was willing to reveal. The heels she wore were also black and did nothing to insinuate she was a tame creature by any means, they added another three inches to her natural six feet. In fact, she towered over several of the male guests that flittered around the hall. She preferred it that way, whether they realized it or not - height intimidated men, especially when the female had wordly eyes and little to no fucks to give.

A small, throaty laugh escaped her as she turned. Whirls of white, gold and black melded in the corner of her eye and for the moment she was quite content.

@Lucius Moretti
Sep 5 2017, 07:45 AM
There were a few things in life that could still grate on Zhenya's nerves so severely that she was quite tempted to cause a scene in public, this was one of them.

One of her contacts sat in front of her at a cafe, her eyes reddened and her face splotchy from sobbing. Not the kind of crying that made one look tragically beautiful, but the kind that distorted a person's face. Her nose was red, snot poured from her nose and dribbled down the cleft above her lips and while normally the obvious display of vulnerability or weakness might make the Panther want to pounce, she didn't feel the urge to pounce on the girl. Not when she was pouring her very soul out in how her boyfriend had beat her.

A moment ticked by and she picked her nails, Zhenya didn't know how to offer comfort, so she sat there grinding her molars together and struggling to keep herself from launching down the street.

"So, where is he?" She questioned, Zhenya's perceptive gaze caught the blooming bruise on the side of the girls face and she narrowed her eyes. "Just tell me where he is." She breathed her words out, she sounded calm much too calm for how she felt. She could feel the hum of power flaring to life within and she wanted nothing more than to decimate the man who did this to one of her girls.

"I don't know, he took off toward Afrelle, or so I heard." Came the wobbling reply.

Green eyes narrowed as she handed the girl a napkin. "Clean yourself up, I'll deal with him." Of all the horrid things she could be, Zhenya took care of her own and this girl was an extension of herself. She was eyes and ears beyond the black market. One could never have too many birdies and one way to ensure they remained faithful was to take care of them. Did she have any attachments outside of it? No, but she took care of her employees. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, don't let the pissant let you think otherwise." She shook her head and stood to her feet before she walked behind the girl and touched the side of her face that was bruised. A warmth spread from her fingertips and bled into the girl's face to soothe and rid her face of the mark.

"I'll see you soon," she said and was off.

Click-clack went her heels as she walked with a purpose down the street. At six-foot even, when she decided to move with a purpose people tended to move out of the way, likely due to the cutting glare that was etched on her face, too. She felt murderous, she knew all too well how it felt to be beaten and have power held over her head - especially by a man. She was going to make him pay.

As she glided down the street she saw individuals look at her, as if to ask, what's the hurry? But those eyes didn't linger long, she felt eyes from another area. Zhenya was paranoid and always knew when someone's eyes lingered on her a little too long. A product of her rough upbringing.

"What is it you want?" She asked in no particular direction.


Aug 9 2017, 08:14 AM

[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify"><br>History;; Zhen's life is not idyllic. She was born the eldest twin, the youngest was her brother Dominic. An elf of a mother and a human of a father in Lux insured that they would never be allotted a normal life, not to mention the birthing process took their mother's life away. By toddlerhood she was trained and sent on the streets with her brother to con, but eventually their drunk of a father sent Dominic away and chose a horrid path for his daughter. Sold, used and abused in every way, Zhenya suffered and eventually when her brother came to save her - he was killed. She avenged her brother's death but was caught and nearly executed.
Eventually, she made it to safety and spent years acquiring belongings, learning, experimenting and growing. Finally, she met the Panthers and life since has never been the same, thankfully. Nowadays, she plays beneath the guise of nobility.

<bR><bR><br>Friends;;Zhen has two real friends and they are her fellow Panthers. She's a complex individual and the fact she keeps everyone beyond arms length makes it difficult to form any true relationship with them. At the very core, in spite of everything, Zhenya is a philanthropist - and when it comes to innocent individuals she refuses to have any part in maiming them. A twisted moral code it may be, it is still better than none.

<BR><br><br>Enemies;; Zhen hates men, she thinks nothing of lashing out against them. However,
if she needs them as part of a game then she will use them to no end. Enemies - well they would be many. Zhen is part of the Panthers and they are the master minds behind a...lot. She is unknown by many, by all means a mystery.

<bR><br><br>Lovers;; Unfortunately, Zhenya is quite guarded as far as romance goes. Aside from when she had bumped into the other Panthers she had only ever known the love of her twin. It would take a very special male to break through her iron walls without provoking a fit. She has an easier time accepting females. </center></div>[/dohtml]
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